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Why Natural Burial Matters to Us

Hello again!

One thing we've heard is how important a natural burial is to people. Natural burial, on land dedicated to natural burial, is what everyone on our team wants for themselves as well. Why is that? Well, for some of us it's because it's a chance to create a relationship with a piece of land that demonstrates the natural beauty of Vermont. For one, it's the chance to continue to nourish the relationship to our natural environment that has been a part of living in Vermont starting with its first indigenous communities. For another, it's the symbolic act of giving our bodies to that land, becoming a part of the natural history and future of a wild and open space. And, for others, it is the simple completion natural burial offers- nourishing the land that has nourished us.

We also deeply care about the community a natural burial cemetery can create and sustain. One where local Vermont craftspeople can create products sourced from the land; where local musicians, poets, artists, and clergy can create ceremonies inspired by the land; and one where educators and families can learn about native plants, trees, animals, and cycles of life on the land.

What makes natural burial and a space dedicated to natural burial important to you? Write us and let us know! If you know people who are interested in natural burial please tell them about Vermont Natural Burial and direct them to our website so that they can join our mailing list and keep up to date with all of the developments at the cemetery.

Thank you,

The Vermont Natural Burial Team

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