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What Vermonters Have Said About What Green Burial Means To Them

Hello from the Vermont Natural Burial team!

We know you wouldn't be reading this newsletter if natural burial wasn't important to you. But we wanted to share what some of our supporters have shared with us about what natural burial means to them. Perhaps it will help you start a conversation with someone new to natural burial. Having conversations about natural burial in your community and encouraging folks to visit our website so that they can join our mailing list is the most important way you can support us in our current building phase. All our past newsletters are now available under the "newsletters" tab. Here's what others have said: "Being present for the burial process is a better opportunity to experience a range of emotions and truly say goodbye." -IM "It helps protect and preserve the environment"- WP "It honors the wishes of people who don't want to have a negative impact on the environment."- CC It lightens my footprint on the earth." -RS "It's far more environmentally intelligent way to go... and it's far less expensive."- anonymous "It's the ultimate recycling experience."- anonymous What are some things you say to share your passion for the idea? Have you recently had a conversation about why natural burial is important? Email us and let us know!

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The Vermont Natural Burial Team

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