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What about winter burials?


We've been a little quiet these past few weeks, but with the arrival of the first snowfall of the season we figured many of you might be wondering about what happens with natural burial in the winter. And the answer is- it continues to happen! Most conventional cemeteries in Vermont close for the winter. We've heard a lot of stories as to why, but one of the big reason is the safety of moving heavy equipment around. Since natural burial doesn't utilize machines to dig, that's not a problem. Another obvious problem with winter burials is the frozen ground. However, in our cemetery we will thaw the ground. Even though it damages the soil microorganisms, when the spring comes, the body itself will help replenish them. What other questions do you have about natural burial? Don't hesitate to write and let us know. As always, we need your help! Please tell people about Vermont Natural Burial and direct them to our website so that they can join our mailing list and keep up to date with all of the developments at the cemetery.

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The Vermont Natural Burial Team

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