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We have a sister venture to announce!

Updated: Jul 20

Things have been busy for us here at Vermont Natural Burial! Although the weather sure has been strange this summer, both the sunny and rainy days provide us plenty of time to keep the cemetery project moving forward.

One of our favorite things we've done these past two months was a talk we were invited to give by Transition Town Jericho. (Thank you for having us, TTJ!)

One of our favorite things about that talk was the fact that we were able to discuss not only our cemetery project but our sister venture: Ending Well Consulting Funeral Home and Casket Company- a business that serves natural burial and cremation families, provides educational workshops, and hand-makes caskets, shrouds, urns, and markers for natural burial and cremation.

We'd love to talk to your group about our cemetery, Ending Well, or both! Please be in touch if you'd like us to give a presentation in person or over Zoom. We'll work with you to design a presentation that meets your needs.

We're still working hard to get the word out about Vermont Natural Burial and our cemetery. Please be sure to share our website widely. Did you know all of our previous newsletters are published here? Read through those and then join our mailing list. We should have a very big cemetery announcement to make in the next few weeks that we don't want anyone to miss.

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