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Three Easy Things You Can Do Right Now If You Want A Natural Burial

Hi from Vermont Natural Burial! If you've decided you want to have a natural burial there are three easy things you can do to make sure your wishes are carried out. Number one: Appoint an "Agent of Disposition" Similar to a health care agent, who can make decisions about what happens to your body when you are alive, an agent of disposition is responsible for making decisions about what happens to your body after you die. An agent of disposition can be your next of kin, or anyone you trust to oversee your disposition, and can be the same person as your health care agent. Naming someone your agent of disposition gives them the legal authority to carry out your after-death wishes. A good advance directive form should include a place for you to designate your agent of disposition. Number two: Plan ahead While it is possible to arrange a natural burial at the time of death, it is much less stressful for the people carrying out your disposition if you plan ahead and document your wishes in an advance directive. Planning ahead should include appointing an agent of disposition, choosing where you want to be buried and how, documenting your wishes, and talking to the people who matter to you about your choices. Number three: Tell people about Vermont Natural Burial! We know we put this in every newsletter, but helping us spread the word about VNB and our mission is best thing you can do to help us help you have a natural burial at our cemetery. So please, tell people about Vermont Natural Burial and direct them to our website so that they can join our mailing list and learn more about natural burial and our cemetery. Do you have questions for us about planning for a natural burial? We'd love to hear them.

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The Vermont Natural Burial Team

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