• The Vermont Natural Burial Team

Hello from the Vermont Natural Burial Team! It's wonderful to see new subscribers. As always, please help us get the word out about Vermont Natural burial by sharing our website so that people can join this mailing list. We know there are so many people we haven't reached! From time to time in this newsletter we'll share some talking points/statistics to help you start the conversation about the benefits of natural burial. Ready for the first one? Did you know that every year 1.6 million tons of concrete are used in conventional cemeteries in the US? Concrete is used as a base for traditional style markers and is the most common form of material for burial vaults, also know as grave liners. Why does it matter? Well a concrete grave liner separates the body from the soil. If the body and the soil don't come into contact fairly quickly after burial, the natural aerobic process of decomposition doesn't take place. Without this, the nutrients can't return to the ecosystem. It also matters because concrete is bad for the soil - worse than formeldahyde, chemotherapy drugs, and antibiotics.

Why? Well because all of those can be broken down by the soil into their simple building blocks and either reabsorbed into or held in place by the soil. Concrete, on other hand, produces a leachate, which overwhelms the soil ability to hold it in place causing it to be able to move through the soil and potentially contaminate ground water with its high pH level and chemical components that the soil has not had time to break down. Do you have any questions for us? What makes you interested in Natural Burial. Drop us a line and let us know!

Thank you,

The Vermont Natural Burial Team

Hello from the Vermont Natural Burial Team!

Some people have asked us why there isn't a natural burial cemetery in Vermont already. Well, natural burial wasn't fully legal here until 2017. Prior to that the legal definition of cemeteries in Vermont was not consistent with natural burial practices such as ecologically-sound land management practices and a burial depth of 3.5 feet. The Vermont Natural Burial Team is proud to have been a part of helping change the definition. Now, it's time to dedicate a cemetery for natural burial. Starting something new isn't easy. We've heard from so many people that are thrilled with what we are building, but we know there are many more that don't yet know we're here to serve them. We can't do this alone! Please help us spread the word and share our website What other questions do you have for us about environmentally and economically sustainable burial practices? We'd love to hear from you!

Sincerely, The Vermont Natural Burial Team

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  • The Vermont Natural Burial Team

Hello and thank you for your interest in Vermont Natural Burial.

Natural burial, sometimes referred to as green burial, is a way of burial that uses no chemicals or non-biodegradable materials. This allows all of the nutrients in a human body to return to the soil, nourishing the land in which it is buried. Our cemetery will be the first cemetery in the state dedicated to natural burial.

We hope that our cemetery will nourish the people who visit as well, providing a place for a connection to the natural world around us through hiking trails, ceremony spaces, and outdoor contemplation.

In addition to being environmentally sustainable, natural burial is economically sustainable as the costs are significantly less than conventional burial.

In order to bring the first natural burial cemetery to Vermont we are going to need your help!

We know people are interested in natural burial and we want everyone to know we are here to serve them. Please tell people about Vermont Natural Burial and direct them to our website so that they can join our mailing list and keep up to date with all of the developments at the cemetery.

We look forward to keeping you updated about our progress, answering your questions, and getting to know our supporters.

Thank you,

The Vermont Natural Burial Team